CNN – “Black in America: The New Promised Land” (October 2011)

Soledad Obrien introduces us to an African American woman who is blazing a trail in the hi-tech world of video games and animation.


Congressional Minority Business Awards (November 2011)

Each year our nation’s Congressional Members along with Political and Business Leaders pay tribute to the remarkable achievements, tremendous contributions and unwavering commitment of Minority Business Leaders and Supporters during the Congressional Minority Business Awards!  In 2011 Jacqueline Beauchamp, Co-founder and CEO of Nerjyzed, Inc. received the Technology Innovator Award for her courage, diligence, tenacity and unquenchable thirst for changing business, and enhancing the lives of others.


ESSENCE – “Game On!” (September 2010)

Jacqueline S Beauchamp used partnerships to grow her video game business and fight stereotypes.  A young man’s frustration at video game racism was the final push Jacqueline Beauchamp, 47, needed to leave a cushy corporate position and venture into the world of video gaming content.


Sister 2 Sister – “Who Does She Think She Is?!  (April 2010)

She’s Jaqueline S. Beauchamp a Video Game Trailblazer who fell in love with Bill Cosby’s “Fat Albert”.  Now she is the CEO of Nerjyzed (pronounced Energized), Entertainment Inc., an interactive digital media development and publishing company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.



Baton Rouge Business Report – 2009 Influential Women in Business (June1, 2009) 

To call Jacqueline Beauchamp an entrepreneur would hardly do her justice…Aside from breaking molds and defying expectations, what truly sets Beauchamp apart from the world of video games and digital media is her ability to create a growing, successful company in a city that is decidedly behind the curve in arts, entertainment and tech culture. – 2 Women Make Video Game History (February 12, 2009)

Two women who love gaming are making history in a field long considered a bastion of young males.  Felicia Day’s and Jacqueline Beauchamp’s innovative ideas have yielded ground-breaking deals with Microsoft’s X-box.



Black Enterprise – “She Got Game” (April 2008)

When it comes to video games, historically black colleges get no respect.  But that could change if Jacqueline Beauchamp, CEO of Nerjyzed, Inc. has her way.  A Southern University Graduate who majored in electrical engineering and minored in mathematics and computer science, Beauchamp brought a background in technology and multimedia to the table having worked as a computer designer for IBM and later ran a global multimedia division at Motorola.

Baton Rouge Business Report – Entrepreneurship Issue (December 29, 2008)

Nerjyzed is the first in the industry to make video games that meld the two top game formats.  “It’s an integration of the two mainstream kinds of video games in console, football and rhythm-based music games,” Beauchamp says.



Wall Street Journal – Tax Credit for Digital Media Lures Videogame Firm to Baton Rouge (January 2007) 

When Jacqueline Beauchamp decided to move her videogame company from Dallas to Baton Rouge, La, even a six-month delay because of Hurricane Katrina didn’t deter her.


JET Magazine – First Black College Football Video Game Celebrates Schools’ Culture, Spirit (November 26, 2007)

As a Southern University Baton Rouge alumna, Jacqueline Beauchamp, the founder and CEO of Nerjyzed Entertainment, a digital entertainment company, wanted to authentically portray the Black college football to others in a fun interactive way.