Nerjyzed, Inc. (pronounced energized) is a privately held interactive digital media and animation company targeting  multicultural audiences. Through the development and publishing of video games, apps, social media and animated features, we capture, create and transform unique experiences for a global audience.

Established in 2005, in Dallas, Texas, Nerjyzed made its industry debut as a gaming company.  In 2006, the company relocated to its current headquarters, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The company quickly distinguished itself in the gaming sector with its first video game, BCFx: The Black College Football Xperience.  The product designated Nerjyzed the first African-American development studio to ship on next-generation consoles.  It also made them the first to integrate two top-tier genres – football and head-to-head, rhythm-based competition – into one product.  The game showcased the Historically Black College and University (HBCU) football game experience, including the coveted battle of the bands, complete with interactive halftime shows featuring spirited drum majors, cheerleaders and band members.  A first of its kind, BCFx seized shelf space at major gaming retailers: Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon.com.

Today, in addition to console gaming, the company has taken a determined leap into a broader spectrum of next-generation technology: social and casual gaming, mobile applications, animated and feature film production.  Nerjyzed is committed to forging the boundaries of technological innovation while delivering culturally relevant products and content.

The company emanated from Beauchamp’s childhood passion for animation and her realization of the critical need for stronger diversity in the animation and gaming industry.  Today, the Nerjyzed team is comprised of a pool of proven leaders from various sectors who share a passion for the mission; enjoy an appreciation for the endless boundaries of today’s technology and possess the expertise to help transform today’s products and content.

Through a convergence of strategy, creativity, enthusiasm and awareness, Nerjyzed is committed to blazing new trails by creating and delivering products designed to educate, entertain and inspire.