Black Consumer Usage on Smartphones

Black consumers’ activity on smartphone remains higher than other segments (April 26, 2012) While white consumers continue growing as a portion of the total smartphone population, Black consumers became smartphone users early and in large numbers. Black consumers’ smartphone penetration rate this year will be slightly lower than that of whites and the U.S. population.. read more →

Minority Births Are New Majority

Minority Births Are New Majority In Demographic Watershed for U.S., Newborns Among Non-Hispanic Whites Are Surpassed by Others By CONOR DOUGHERTY and MIRIAM JORDAN For the first time in U.S. history, whites of European ancestry account for less than half of newborn children, marking a demographic tipping point that is already changing the nation’s politics, economy and workforce... read more →

Hispanic Online Marketing

THE MULTICULTURAL WORLD OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING February 28th, 2009 Social media is now ubiquitous. Usage of blogs, social networks, and video sharing sites is increasing rapidly and millions of people now look to social media websites as their primary source of news, opinion, and entertainment. As we witness this dramatic shift from traditional to.. read more →

Get to Know Affluent African Americans

Get to Know Affluent African Americans The Internet has changed their purchasing patterns By Andrea Hoffman, founder, Diversity Affluence, Fenimore Fisher, managing partner, R. Fenimore Fisher Group Let’s meet today’s Affluent African Americans, or, as my co-author Leonard Burnett and I call them in our book Black is the New Green, the AAAs. AAAs are doctors, lawyers,.. read more →